how it works

Follow our step by step guide to downloading and using our browser extension or watch our how-to videos here.


Download our really cool browser extension

By downloading our extension, we are able to help you start your journey towards shopping consciously. It starts here!


Sign in with your Gmail account

Once downloaded, and for ease of access, pin the extension to your browser window, click on the efitter logo and click on the 'sign in with Gmail' button to set up your account.


Click "load your emails"

This is when the magic happens. efitter uses your past orders to predict your size. Once all your relevant previous orders are found and loaded, the extension will let you know when you're ready to shop!


Now you're ready to shop with these brands

Our extension is now available on H&M, Zara, ASOS brands, MANGO, Uniqlo & House of CB. Click on the brand you want to shop with or simply visit any of their websites directly and use our chatbot to learn more about your favourite products or find your perfect fit!

Fun fact...your order confirmation emails don't have to be from any of these brands for efitter to work! Check out our FAQ for more!

Step 5


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watch our how-to videos instead!