Omnichannel retail experiences have been the buzz of fashion and tech conversations since 2017 and Lululemon's recent $500m acquisition of Mirror is the poster child of Omnichannelling at it's finest.

With digital brands resorting to seasonal pop-ups to satisfy the demand for social commerce, it has proven that human interaction is a vital part of any experience. However, Mirror, The Nearly Invisible Interactive Home Gym, offers a personalised workout experience from the comfort of one's home. Incorporating the ultimate gym experience with customized playlists and digital expert trainers, Mirror is an experience from the future.

The greatest omnichannel retail experience arises when a brand like Lululemon acquires a startup like Mirror. As discussed by Precious Osoba, the rise of The Phygital Age in retail could "continue a culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration. " Experiences sell as much as the product itself and the athleisure apparel brand is smart to capitalise on this fact.

FIT TAKE: Lululemon is not just focused on their products but the Lululemon experience and Mirror is now an extension of that experience. Due to the impact of COVID 19 and the boom in home workouts, this acquisition allows Lululemon to bank on a future without brick and mortar.

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