The story of how we got started on efitter

efitter was started by two women with the same mission.
Our story starts circa 5 years ago...
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November 2016
Judith is in Shanghai on her year abroad when she first comes up with the idea of an 'electronic fitter' to help reduce the likelihood of returning items. She starts (but never finishes) a 50-page business plan and focusses on travelling instead...

The name "efitter" is born.



that extension that does that really cool thing to find your size wherever you shop and all you have to do is sign up and click like 2 buttons.

March 2018
On the other side of the world, Elizabeth goes to Ghana to launch MOD. TO MEASURE, a made-to-measure fashion brand made with West African wax prints. Like Judith, she was inspired to solve the problem of poor fit by putting control in the hands of consumers.
November 2019
It's 2019, Judith creates a very basic landing page, and starts teasing the brand & podcast pre-launch via Instagram Stories. Elizabeth engages consistently and Judith asks her to join the podcast as a host. Elizabeth agrees, but also wants in on efitter, the business.

Judith used her existing audience and started educating them on fashion news, trends and fashion-tech developments via Instagram Stories. This birthed the brand podcast, The FIT.

“It was a no brainer to work with Elizabeth. I didn't think twice”

Judith, Co-founder and CMO of efitter

February 2020
Pre-pandemic bliss, efitter launches 'The FIT' Podcast, the U.K's first fashion, innovation & tech podcast, for the sustainable newbies and pros. We've since featured guests from Eshita Kabra-Davies to Cameron-James Wilson and Remember Who Made Them.

“We used the podcast to build a community of women like us who struggle to shop online but also care about the impact that their shopping habits have on the planet. Our listeners ended up being the first people we spoke to when we started to develop the efitter product."

Elizabeth, Co-founder and CPO at efitter

July 2020
efitter joins Createjobs pitch competition to pitch the concept of our first product, a Google Chrome extension that finds users' perfect fit and to cash in on a £5,000 grant to launch our MVP. We win, and begin the search for a developer to bring the vision to life.
October 2020
After a short hiatus from the podcast, Judith & Elizabeth launch a new season with guests from Josephine Philips to Urenna Okonkwo, exploring new tech to make you fall in love once again with the clothes you already own, and why save now, pay later is the most sustainable way to plan your purchases.
January 2021
We host our first [virtual] launch party with our tribe. This was such a rewarding moment to hear first hand how our podcast and brand were impacting the way they shopped, for the better!
April 2021
🚀 efitter launches
The big day is here! Launch day was the day it finally felt very real.! We launched on Product Hunt and spread the word everywhere we could. Behind-the-scenes, we reshuffled our development team and started our hunt to build a team who just got efitter and what we were trying to achieve.

To date, our marketing has been purely word-of-mouth and our tribe really showed out!

October 2021
100+ downloads later, we're now working on expanding our extension to work on more of the brands our community shop with. We're also working on product #2, our next merch drop and the next season of our podcast. It's about to get real busy in the efitter HQ...join us on this adventure!

“efitter is an opportunity for us to build a business that impacts the fashion industry for the better. Our vision is to change the way women shop by building products that reduce waste, personalise shopping and foster better shopping habits in our users’ day-to-day lives. We aim to educate and innovate through our position as established thought-leaders in fashion, tech and sustainability and also encourage an uptake of our browser extension and other efitter products with the aim to become a household name for personalising the shopping experience for millennial women."

Judith, Co-founder and CMO of efitter

Today efitter is a team run by two women with the same mission in life - To change the way women shop for the better.

You've heard our story, it's now time for you to join the mission.

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Meet the team that cares about your shopping habits

Meet our company founders Judith and Elizabeth!

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan

Judith co-founded efitter in 2019 as a culmination of her passions for innovation, fashion and problem-solving. In addition to her degrees in Law LLB and Investment Banking MSc, Judith also has professional experience as an analyst in Corporate Finance. She is now using her experience in building communities to oversee the main vision and marketing of the business.

Portrait photo of co-founder Adam

Elizabeth, with a background in SaaS consultancy, is responsible for product and operational development and co-hosts The FIT by efitter, the UK’s first podcast covering all things fashion, innovation, and technology. By day, she works in digital content production and manages digital projects from ideation to launch.