frequently asked questions

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What is efitter and why is it the best way to find my size?

efitter is a Google Chrome extension that predicts your size when shopping online. With no need to enter any measurements, it’s the only extension that uses your previous orders to guess your size when you shop somewhere brand new. Cool, right?

Where can I use efitter?

efitter is available online at ZARA, H&M, ASOS brands, Uniqlo, and Mango. We’re adding new retailers all the time so watch this space!

How does efitter work?

When you download the extension, efitter will skim through your order confirmation emails and aggregate your size across different brands. When you launch the chatbot, it will predict your size based on your previous orders and provide information about the fabrics used to make the product you are browsing.

How much does efitter cost?

efitter is completely free for our users! If you are a business, get in touch here.

What do you do with my data?

The data we collect from you is used to ensure that the product works as expected and is tailored to each individual user. You can read about this in more detail in our Privacy Policy.

When is the app launching? I can't find it on the Apple store!

efitter is a Google Chrome extension so it is only available in the Chrome Web Store.

Will you be available on more retailers soon?

Yes! We are constantly rolling out across new brands. Want us to work with your favourite retailer? Let us know!

You're mainly on fast-fashion sites. I thought efitter was all about sustainability?

You’re absolutely right. We care about educating the masses about some of the unethical practices in the fashion industry and how our small changes can make a difference. However, our research has found that the switch to ethical shopping is a gradual one. Shoppers are going to continue shopping at fast-fashion brands such as ZARA and H&M. We exist to encourage you to make incremental changes by reducing the amount of clothes you return, to start with.

All of my email receipts are on my Yahoo email account. Can I still use efitter?

efitter only works on Google accounts. If you have a Google account, you could forward your email receipts from your Yahoo account to your Google account.

What if I don’t use Google Chrome? Can I still use efitter?

Unfortunately, efitter is only available on Google Chrome.

I don’t usually shop online. Can I still use efitter?

In order for efitter to work effectively, you would need a history of online purchases and have your order confirmation emails in your inbox. efitter will start making size recommendations from your very first order.

Sometimes I buy menswear. Can I still use efitter?

Sometimes I buy menswear. Can I still use efitter?

I live outside of the UK. Can I still use efitter?

Currently, efitter predicts UK sizes only.

I know I have order confirmation emails but efitter can’t find any of them. What should I do?

1. When using efitter, remember to click “reload your emails” in the extension so that we have the most up to date information about your past orders.

2. Double-check that any orders you have placed were from the last 12 months. To give you the most accurate size prediction, efitter will only recommend a size based on your last 12 months of orders.

3. If you are sure you have order confirmation emails from the last 12 months, you may have shopped with a brand whose emails we don’t recognise yet. Send us an email with the name of the retailer(s) you shopped with and we’ll look into it.

4. Still having issues? Get in touch and we will be happy to help.

My size prediction looks completely wrong.

efitter uses your past orders to predict your size but that might be inaccurate, especially if you share your account with someone else. In that case, get rid of any order confirmation emails that don’t belong to you, then click “reload your emails” in the extension. Remember that some retailers use European sizing which may look completely different to the sizes you are used to.

I know that my dress size has changed but my efitter prediction looks a bit small.

Since efitter uses your orders from the last 12 months to predict your size, if your size has changed in the last few months your prediction may be a little bit out of date. You can test this by using efitter on a website where you know your size and if you are recommended your old size, size up or down as appropriate.

efitter will do it’s best to predict your size but you know your body best - feel free to tweak your recommended size based on whether you like your clothes to fit tight or loose too.

I have a request for a new feature. Where can I leave feedback?

We’d love to hear your feedback and requests! Drop us an email or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

I still have some questions.

No probs - reach out to us and we’d be happy to help.